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Establishing an iconic place needs an equally admirable gourmet soul to “breathe new life” in it. So, we at The Soul Tree Café partnered with Tomi Slav, a highly-experienced, world-class chef who has worked in kitchens across Australia and London, even making an appearance on MasterChef Australia. He got on board to lend his expertise as our principal consultant on F &B, curating a fusion Menu to get you the world’s best on a plate. So, this is how our little story came to be. Here’s to breathing beautiful coffee aromas and savouring mouthwatering delicacies while enjoying warm conversations: Bon Appetit!


Our Coffee

The taste behind the final cup of coffee is the result of its origins. At Soul Tree, we consider our coffee to be our pride and that reflects on every cup we serve. This is why we partnered with the Kaffeina Group, a famous boutique roster from Coburg Melbourne that started in 2014 to give cafes and coffee shops an opportunity to design their own signature UBlend. Called the 102 Blend, ours is an exclusive blend of beans imported from five different countries of Brazil, Costa Rica, India, PNG, and Kenya. It is a full-bodied coffee designed to give you a rich mouthfeel with its tasting notes of toffee, butter, green apple along with a touch of spice, that leaves you with a lingering finish.”

Our Story

It all started with a dream of creating a space that brings the phrase “home to homey” to life; a place where we get to experiment with our creative ideas to deliver healthy organic food using high quality produce. Enter: Soul Tree Café, where gourmet food meets a peaceful ambience.






Food for soul


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8 AM - 2 PM

Group bookings for 5 or more Guests are subject to a 10% service gratuity fee charged to the final bill. Please call for Group bookings. For exclusive venue hire or any queries please contact

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